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At the heart of Hounslow’s Promise is the idea that supporting young people to reach their true potential is the responsibility of the community. More specifically, Hounslow’s Promise aims to build the employability of young people. We want to work with local businesses who are fully engaged and supportive of the initiative.

There are three main ways in which local businesses can be engaged:

  • Funding support – to donate to Hounslow’s Promise
  • In kind support – to provide non-financial support to Hounslow’s Promise, such as technical advice, meeting space, etc.
  • Programme support – to support specific aspects of one of Hounslow’s Promise’s
  • programmes, such as the provision of work experience, volunteer mentors, or as a school speaker.

For businesses, advantages include:

  • To further their CSR/responsible business objectives
  • To build their reputation locally
  • To strengthen their connections with key contacts involved in the initiative
  • To directly support their business objectives (e.g. enhance recruitment

To support business engagement, the following principles are recommended:

  • The activities of any business supporter must be consistent with Hounslow’s Promise’s objectives and values
  • All business supporters of Hounslow’s Promise must operate with the highest level ofbusiness ethics. This includes full due-diligence checks to ensure that the business’s activities will not cause negative reputational damage to the initiative
  • Business support of Hounslow’s Promise should be solely to assist Hounslow’s Promise’s stated objectives. We will provide clear paperwork setting out the purposes of any donations and records of funding received

Opportunities to Support

Funding Support

We would like to invite you to become a Founding Silver Patron (£5k per annum for 3 years). As well as other opportunities at Patron level, senior individuals may be interested in becoming Promise Fellows.

In kind support

Other opportunities for support may cover elements such as marketing, website development, venue use, printing costs, administrative support, accountancy support, legal support, staff training, etc. This may even include the secondment of staff.

Programme support

At minimum, we want to extend the invitation for your staff to sign up as mentors.

A strong relationship

We are looking for a relationship with businesses

  • With a strong local reputation
  • With a track record of supporting charitable initiatives
  • With a strong personal connection to those most closely involved in Hounslow’s Promise
  • Who are keen to contribute locally to the wellbeing of young people in the community

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